Call to make an appointment. Our prices are based on the format, artist, title, popularity, condition, and how much we already have in stock of each item you bring in to sell. A typical collection that contains mixed titles usually averages from.

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We pay less for lower list-price CDs or less sought-after or common titles. Expensive items may remain in inventory longer, so the offer will be based on a discount off of our market estimate. Obviously you could make more if you sold those items yourself but it may take longer for you to achieve your price. The more items you bring in the longer it is going to take as we must check the condition of every item for playability and quality. If the buying counter is backed up you may have to leave your items and we will call you with an offer as soon as it is ready.

We like rock, metal, punk, garage, psychedelic, surf, new wave, classic rock. Pretty much any version of rock music is desirable. We are not interested in many titles in the Easy Listening genre especially if the collection is mostly in this area. Their selection of Vinyl and CDs is limited, but still worth checking out. They also carry a pretty decent number of books, both new and used, along with some local products such as messenger bags and shirts. I would say that all 4 are worth your time. If you plan to visit St. Louis to see these stores, the best time to do it is in April so you can catch Record Store Day on the third Saturday of the month.

Along with independent record stores around the US, these 4 stores offer awesome deals, tons of giveaways, and fun all-day events. Not much of a fan of vinyl record, well collecting it anyway.

  1. Josey Records Kansas City!
  2. Columbia's Independent Record Store.
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But, Amoeba Records in LA always makes me feel like a kid in a candy store. Should I Visit the Eiffel Tower? Ooh, these stores sound lovely. Sky recently posted..

DJ Records

California: My Fantasyland. Haha, yes a record player would be helpful! I bought my mom an old 45 of this song she used to sing to me when I was little. She was so excited she wants to get a record player again. Thank you so much for taking the time to put this list together.

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  • We are huge music fans from Detroit, and in every city we visit, we try to hit the record stores. This is a great resource for us!

    So happy I could help! STL is not too far from Detroit, I see cheap flights all the time. Totally worth the trip for some great music scores. I have purchased thirty or so LPs from Record Exchange over the past year.

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    The size and scope of their collection is daunting, but they always seem to know where things are; just ask. Their online auction is useful especially for those looking for good suggestions to fill in or complete an already substantial or growing collection. They are great! My mom really wanted this single from the 50s. I just asked an employee about it and I had the 45 within minutes.

    Thanks for your sharing, Anyway, Could you tell me more detail about the best vinyl record? I wanna buy one as soon as possible. Willa recently posted.. Hi Kim! I think Record Exchange is more interested in the older stuff. Looks like a pretty cool record store.

    I actually used to run one myself, but had to shut it down. This was years ago. If I had known vinyl would make a comeback, I might have kept it open…. David Richard recently posted.. I recommend talking to a local record store about it, they generally can point you in the direction of some high quality but not too expensive models. Designed by Melissa Otero.

    Vinyl Renaissance & Audio Storefront

    Louis Published March 12, Vintage Vinyl Vintage Vinyl in St. Hanging out in Vintage Vinyl. Some records at Vintage Vinyl. Euclid Records in St. Hannah checking out the bargain bin.

    Wayne Glenn: Collecting records on vinyl, history and on-air

    Record Exchange in St. APOP records. APOP record store. APOP record store selection. March 14, at pm.