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Unregistered sex offender tops list of suspects for 'Abilene's Wanted Criminals' | KTXS

The U. National Newsletter daily. Political Report. In November, a story came out in the Ellis County Press. Greg with his wife and son at their home in Ferris. The room was crowded with adults and children, and a clerk instructed everyone waiting to renew licenses to come to the front. Greg was the first to step up, wanted to get things over with. When the clerk asked why he needed a renewal, he handed her his blue card.

He felt the room go quiet, all eyes turned on him. Fill this out first. At least people in town leave him be. He and Ticey started their family in October , when blue-eyed Anthony was born. Greg showed his son the souped-up engines in the muscle cars, took his photo riding a pony.

Anthony is only in preschool, but soon will come kindergarten, playdates, sleepovers. After work, his hands red from knuckle-walking on hardwood floors, he cooks dinner, like Granny taught him—testing a manicotti recipe one day, pickle soup the next—and then plays in the yard with Anthony. Later, as the boy speeds around inside, pushing toy monster trucks and speaking a language only his parents understand, Greg leans back in his recliner, watches and smiles. Things are different with his own father, though—his burly, rough dad, who, in one of those crazy life twists, now comes around all the time.

He takes his grandson to the park, helps his son work on the trailer. Some days, the fact that his face and name are out there, for everyone to see, is too much for him. Never mind the studies out there that say that this idea is a myth, that there is no data to back up such thinking.

Anyone with an Internet connection could do the same to him. He knows he will never be free of fear, and this can be so overwhelming that he sometimes feels the old rage bubbling up again. He takes his rod and heads for a neighborhood creek, or goes for a drive over the rolling hills south of Ferris. Sometimes he stops and listens to the quiet until the calm returns. Be strong, he tells himself. Prayers of thanks for his wife and son.

Prayers of hope that Luke will one day reconsider what really happened in that bathroom. That 6-year-old boy is now a man of He lives in Irving. This idea pains Greg. Despite repeated attempts to interview both Luke and Brenda, neither would comment for this story. So he focuses on his blessings. He knows what love is. And Ticey is pregnant again, due in December. And then, someday, he and his family might be able to leave.

Maybe for one of the Dallas suburbs, or maybe Waxahachie or Midlothian—somewhere they can put their kids in a good school, somewhere Greg can build them all a home from the foundation up. Greg goes to bed around ten. He closes his eyes, prays for Ticey and Anthony. Prays for Luke.

A convicted female child molester is now on Texas’ Ten Most Wanted list

A failed head count on the school bus. A hot dog never collected by police. He never saw her again. Though she wrote him every week, she was too infirm to visit him in prison, and she died in In her last letter, she wrote that she had something really important to tell him, but he never found out what it was. So sometimes, as he lies in the darkness, he tries to make himself dream about it.

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Sign up for Texas Monthly's State of Texas newsletter to get stories like this delivered to your inbox daily. Greg, I am so happy for you that you have a loving wife who believes in you and a darling son who calls you Daddy. I hope one day you will understand that Luke was manipulated and lied to. He was used as a pawn, and unless something occurs to force him to question that now — as an adult — it is likely he will never realize it. Greg, I pray that your heart will find peace and rest and more freedom than you have ever known.

Yes, the registry will mark you for life. And the cached internet records will never go away. That is the nature of one of the most unconstitutional, ineffective, draconian instruments that has ever been forced upon and on the American people. So, tell you what. She will have to live with and deal with what was done to her for the rest of her life she often talks of suicide. Most people that have relatives or loved ones that have been victims want the perpetrator s to suffer for life.

Now, how about a registry for people that killed or maimed children during a DWI.

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Or those that sold drugs to children and got them addicted like what happened to my 13 year old cousin, who eventually, at the age of 28, DID commit suicide because he could not get off the drugs after a lifetime of addiction. The registry is about revenge and being a reelection plank on the platform of politicians. It is not about saving anyone, as you, TheHopper, stated yourself. I am not for a DWI registry or a drug dealer registry. There is a penalty and punishment for crime. It is called prison. Once served, the person should be allowed to reintegrate into society like any other citizen.

As a child is generally not able to defend themselves against adults that are specifically targeting them I support the registry. If the severity of being on the registry causes a few adults to rethink going after a child then all the better. FYI, my daughter recently revealed that my brother raped her at least 4 times. Prior to this we just thought he had molested her. This is the problem with your assertion.

But studies have shown what part the registry does change for those that are molesters of children or those that rape adults. They kill their victim. They are not thinking about ANY consequences until the deed is done. At that time they have to decide what to do with the witness. A person who is going to commit a crime will commit that crime. The local neighborhood knows who a rapist is? He can just drive to another neighborhood or city and do his deed there.

It actually is.

But the supreme court ruled that it was just for monitoring. Your written view of it shows differently. Since it is punitive, then it would require the person to be in the custody of a law enforcement agency which can only happen with due process. And for good reason, since that protects all citizens from being punished at just the whim of a court.

They do have a way of putting lifetime punitive measures on a criminal. So, the registry is not needed. For example people that have used computers to commit crimes will have controls placed on them as to what access they are allowed to have with computers after getting out of prison. There are lasting consequences to crime outside of prison time. Out of curiosity I did a quick search to see how other countries handle this issue and found this. People that have committed computer crimes have free access to computers after probation or parole.


Driving is a licensed privilege, not a right. It can be taken away. Ex felons are allowed to vote once they get off parole or probation in the state of Texas. I do understand your grief, and hopefully your daughter is getting help. When a person goes to prison, their rights are taken away. When they are released and off probation or parole, those rights are given back. Yet, when the rights of one group of people are taken away, then that group of people will be the door to other groups having their rights taken away as well.