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All awardees will receive two complimentary tickets to the event 1 for them, 1 for a guest.

Additional tickets will be available for purchase. Geneva Williams. Bert Dearing W. Jerry Garrett David Griffis, Jr. They will have shown a commitment to enriching communities through art—by creating or facilitating increased access to art—and made them more beautiful as a result. Awardees will have lived interesting and fulfilling lives as well as continued to contribute to their communities allowing them to have aged and continue aging well. Contributions can be in the form of new careers, mentorship, volunteerism, or other areas. The person will have made outstanding contributions of significance in their lifetimes and exemplify aging that others aspire to experience.

Awardees will have entrepreneurial spirit and initiative. They will have taken the time to shape ideas into well performing ventures as well as operationalize innovation and demonstrate resilience.

The Soul of the South

Awardees will have either newly entered the entrepreneurship field by starting or supporting a new business or have owned and operated their own business within the last 10 years. Awardees will have consistently operated in service to individuals or groups—contributing talents, skills, and support to family, friends, and neighbors—with little recognition. They will have a demonstrated a deep and tireless yet quiet commitment to service that enhances the quality of life in their communities.

Awardees will exhibit leadership as a positive role model and have positively influenced a circumstance from behind the scenes. Awardees will have demonstrated a lively curiosity and willingness to study new subjects or have a serious involvement with a specific subject matter. They will have an enthusiastic lifelong commitment to learning.

Awardees will have demonstrated outstanding civic service and meaningful involvement while fostering a spirit of service in others. They will have a commitment and passion to improving the community and their work and leadership bring others into service. Awardees will have cultivated solutions to identified community challenges and used those solutions to build communities and neighborhoods in unprecedented ways.

They will be leaders in creating social, cultural and economic value in communities in ways that drastically shift public discourse, perceptions, and realities. For more information about the event or sponsorship opportunities, please contact Tara Franey — Since , Helen Morrison has managed her own consulting business, Career Life Planners, which helps people of all ages with career and life planning issues.

Utilizing her passion for people and her devotion to her faith, she was one of the founders of the Presbyterian Older Adult Network which in recent years became its own c 3 organization. Her many accomplishments in leadership and mentoring were recognized in by the General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church U. Helen is a long-time supporter of Presbyterian Villages of Michigan, having served on the board as well as on numerous committees.

70 Over Seventy – Presented by Hannan Center – serving older adults in metro Detroit

Nearing 90, she is a positive force who has no intention of slowing down! Gabriell Turner has a natural curiosity and desire to discover new things and take on creative challenges. He is a premier example of creative aging. Always a good story teller, Gabriell transitioned from his career in industry to not only writing and telling his own stories but to teaching others about creative writing in classes at the IOG.

He was an early member of the Hannan writing classes conducted by WSU and after when the group continued as self led. He participated in Senior Voice and took on the project of getting the radio studio up and running again after the program concluded. He helped to initiate the Hannan Facebook site and recreate the Hannan website. Almost every time one stops by Hannan, Gabriell will be there participating in programming.

“When You Need the Strength of Family”

During his many conversations with people it is rare to not learn something from one of the personal stories he shares, his latest project or book he is reading. All through these years he and his wife have taken care of young relatives, learning and teaching them along the way. For years, Tom has quietly volunteered his time and skills to Detroit youth to ensure that all children, no matter their background, can not only be safe in the water, but also enjoy it as much as he does. He is an integral member of this volunteer-run team, humbly sharing his love of swimming with his community.

I look up to Tom as someone who goes beyond their own sport and fitness goals to welcome others into and serve others in the swimming community. He is an amazing example of low ego, high impact. When an opening became available to join The Senior Alliance as a full-time employee in our Care Transitions Program to place weekly follow up phone calls to seniors who were recently discharged from the hospital, Mary Ellen was a natural choice.

Although the job required that she learn new software and documentation procedures, she easily passed her required training to become a Certified Care Transitions Coach, and quickly was able to bring her unique skillset helping motivate people to follow their care plans, and avoid hospitalizations. Like any project that she is given, Mary Ellen went way above and beyond.

She spent hundreds of dollars of her own money and countless hours of her own time in the evenings and weekends over the next year decorating the landscaping across the campus. It is not uncommon to see Mary Ellen out on her lunch break or after work, swiftly walking around downtown Wayne easily outpacing people 50 years her younger, no matter the weather. Now 87, Evey has been giving readings of her book at public libraries across the metro Detroit area during the past year.

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Her book is a ground-breaking account of the important role of African Americans as the leaders of the first interracial movement in our country that helped destroy slavery. As a long-time educator, Sophia Holley Ellis, age 90, has touched the lives of hundreds of students, AND she has remained connected to them — still sharing stories and showing by example that learning is a lifelong process.

I submit this nomination for Lifelong Learning because learning has never stopped for Sophia Ellis!


A little about Sophia: As a German teacher at Martin Luther King High School in Detroit, her students came in at the 1 position in more than one high school German competition — quite an accomplishment for African American students. Mastering the Arabic alphabet with the twisted fingers caused by arthritis was probably the hardest — but she persevered. And she was as comfortable in the classes at the Arab-American National Museum as she was in her own classrooms year before. Why Arabic? And in exchange, Sophia teaches him English.

While in a rehabilitation center, relearning everything after an abdominal surgery she would refuse to have the aide take the metal cover off of her meal plate. I have to learn how to do that myself. During her six months of rehab in , nothing deterred the positive, tenacious, determined, faith-filled spirit that has defined Sophia Ellis — sometimes getting her in trouble, but always working to her advantage. Learning is lifelong.

Curlene is a retired educator and administrator of the Detroit Public Schools. Curlene has touched many lives and never forgets a student. She has been known to approach them many years later and congratulate them on their accomplishments. Frank Canfield, S.

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Ignatius in Cleveland. Canfield has been a Latin and English teacher, as well as counselor and principal, but in all things he is a learner.

Nearing 80, he still quotes poetry remembered from decades ago with gusto, as if he is sharing a secret he knows you want to hear. He remembers not just names and faces from all of the kids he taught, but the stories of their families and the challenges they have gone through. When he is with you, he treats you as if you are the only person on earth. His lifelong quest for learning comes not just from his teaching and the many books he has read, it comes from the friendships and trials he has helped people through, the love and prayers he has shared with them, and the stories he tells to help you feel the love of God for you in all things.

Grace Blakely has a great passion for learning. For more than 17 years Grace has been deeply engaged in classes and special projects in the Hannan Center for Lifelong Learning. Grace also is a participant in the theater class with which she recently performed at the Hilberry Theatre and the Charles H. Wright Museum. Grace continues the never-ending pursuit of knowledge and is always open to the possibilities if learning. Julie is a quiltmaker and a wonderful storyteller that actively pursues her interests including classes of life-long learning at the Hannan Center.

She shows a dedicated and disciplined commitment to the making of art. Over the last two years of her participation in the visual journaling class, she has shared herself and her stories with animation and a joy that emerges from every word she speaks, even in her telling about falling down the basement stairs and her recovery that did not stop her from attending classes with walker in hand. Baker has been a member of the Hannan Center fine arts class and now is learning to create poetry.

Her works have been exhibited at a number of galleries in southeast Michigan. A recent self-portrait of Julie was made to show who she is. She is wondering the best way to capture what she is seeing. She is an asset to the classes in which she participates and continues to grow considerably as an artist. Even before his position at the university, Ismael has been a lifelong supporter of learning, whether in traditional education settings, or in the world at large.

In his position as provost, Ismael is responsible for connecting academic initiatives with the community. Prior to accepting the provost position, he spent decades leading ACCESS where he was a champion of education, fighting for equal opportunity education. He has been a public proponent of strengthening public education and of demanding that charter schools be held to the same standards as public schools.

He has been a public advocate of updating teaching methods in schools, which has argued are seriously outdated relics that prepared students to fill professional positions that no longer exist, and are inadequate to prepare students who are entering careers in the digital age. He has demonstrated his commitment to education by serving as a contributing author to Arabs in America: Myths and Reality , and has written for the Woodrow Wilson Foundation publication, Arab American Political Participation in the United States. He has hosted multicultural music programs on local public radio, and for three consecutive years was a guest speaker on U.

Irving has lived a long, fulfilled life. He worked for General Motors in accounting when the war broke out. In the army, Irving Steinberg held various positions from the cavalry to being in charge of supply chains, so troops could receive food, weapons and medical supplies. He made sure no soldier went without a pair of boots under his watch. Yet his biggest test came in June when he saw more bloodshed and dead bodies on Omaha Beach in a few hours than most people see in a lifetime.

Irving, thankfully, made it out alive. And for his service, he earned the Bronze Star, awarded to front line troops whose ranks suffer the most casualties and face the greatest danger. When Irving returned home, he started a soap business with his brother in Detroit that had much success selling its products to auto makers and local businesses. Irving got married, had two kids and became active in the Jewish community. Just until a few years ago, he stilled played golf and drove around town.

His memory remains sharp, but his body eventually caught up to his age.

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He continues to volunteer with many organizations and when students, clergyman, and activists ask for someone knowledgeable of HIV services in Detroit, he is sought out for his expertise. He was elected by Governor Granholm to serve as a council member for the Michigan Rehabilitations Council MRI and continues to assist those in need with all disabilities when called upon.