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In , Anderson made impaired driving arrests, 50 more than the next-closest officer in the state.

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Of those arrests, 14 were of repeat offenders. Anderson kept his words brief at the meeting, thanking his co-workers and his family for their support. An additional , are injured.

You, on your own, kept of those off the streets, over 50 more than the next-closest competitor. Photo provided by Matt Koehn. OCC operating millage renewal passes overwhelmingly.

Are Michigan’s Drunk Driving Laws 2nd Worst in The Nation?

Terbrack reelected mayor, Price joins incumbents on Berkley council. Piana elected Ferndale mayor. Among the victims are people such as the Abbas family, who were killed when a suspected drunken driver headed the wrong way on Interstate 75 and struck the family's vehicle on Jan. The suspected drunken driver also died. William Mirza offered a tribute to his uncle, who he said had been a role model.

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Mirza also urged immediate action to end drunken driving. Because the fact of the matter is, if we had, my family - and countless other families would still be here right now. Some advocates have accused the auto industry and federal transportation officials of moving too slowly to implement DADSS or something like it in the marketplace. Joan Claybrook, a former NHTSA administrator and president emeritus of Public Citizen, said action by the federal government would spur the industry to move faster to make the technology available.

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Yet, she said, the automakers have been "slow-walking" the introduction of potentially lifesaving technology, especially compared with billions spent on developing autonomous vehicles. Some automakers have taken steps toward developing and using technology that could be used to combat drunken driving.

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If passed, Michigan would become the second state to lower the legal threshold for drunk driving. In December, Utah became the first state in the nation with a. The loss of the Abbas family , a beautiful family of five, due to a drunk driver, has further motivated a community of advocates to step up and propose real solutions backed up by the scientific community.

Mothers Against Drunk Driving Commercial with a Classic Car

These critical proposals will do more to prevent drinking and driving, and ultimately save lives. Drunk driving is still the leading killer on our roads, and the numbers are going the wrong way.