Arizona records before to have been indexed alphabetically, so you should also include whether or not your inquiry is for a date prior to You can request land records from the county recorder, as this is where jurisdiction for county land transactions was held.

It will help to understand what to expect as a result of how ownership was acquired in the state. Because Arizona was previously part of the New Mexico Territory, where pueblos had already been established, the federal government recognized the majority of prior claims. See Also Guide to U.

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Land Records Research. Starting in , Arizona was considered to be part of New Mexico Territory, which continued until it became Arizona Territory on February 24, Although the area around Tucson, Arizona was settled fairly early on its history, most other portions of the state were not settled for a long time after the original Spanish explorers came to the area.

Frontier expansion was constantly slowed down by wars and conflicts between settlers and Native Americans until Land claims were a bit suspect in the late s because fraudulent claims were often placed along with legitimate claims and it took the government a long time to verify each claim. The National Archives-Southwest Region acquired those privately-owned land registers in They also have files pertaining to U.

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In , two significant things happened for Arizona. The first is that it became an official territory. The second is that the U.

S Federal District Land Office was opened. The federal government had the authority to distribute Arizona lands because it was what was known as a public-domain state. A land office was opened in Prescott in Two were opened in , in Gila and Florence. In , the land offices were moved to Tucson and then, in , one was established in Phoenix, replacing all land offices that had come before it. Mining created the need for many of the earlier land claims in Arizona.

Land Office records can also be a great resource for early Arizona land records. Those records include rights-of-way claims and settlements for Navajo, Salt River, and Gila Meridians, as well as grazing service records, homestead surveys, and land claims. The case files and land entries at the National Archives-Rocky Mountain Region should also be consulted. Records from years earlier than have been indexed. Arizona was originally considered to be in new Mexico Territory when it was acquired by the United States.

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At that time, pueblos already existed in the area and Spanish forms of measurement, such as varas and leagues, were already being used on survey maps. Most original land claims were officially recognized. Therefore, many of the land records, which are on microfilm at the FHL, continued to utilize Spanish measurement systems. Probate Records Research.

Several county assessment rolls, licenses, and tax documents are on file at the Arizona State Archives.

Many of them can be found in consecutive years, which can be very helpful to researchers. However, several of them are only available for single years. Tax Records Research. Arizona Court Records Many of the surrounding states have similar judicial systems to the system used in Arizona. Arizona Tax Records Several county assessment rolls, licenses, and tax documents are on file at the Arizona State Archives.

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